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Channelled Sketch with message

Channelled sketch (A4 size) with message.

You may ask me to try to connect with your guardian, or a loved one, or a star being.  I can make
that intention but I cannot guarantee who will come through.

To date I have channelled Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit (who was connected to my client in past lives) and Star beings.

You may ask a couple of questions if you like or you may just like to see what comes through for you.

All I need is your full name, date of birth and a picture if you have one but thats not completely necessary.  It just helps me to make a better connection sometimes.

Please see my YouTube videos to see the examples of sketches/messages which have come through.
YouTube Videos

please note that the sketches for private individuals are not shown on YouTube.

Although I am a natural psychic medium, prior to March 2009 I had no artistic ability.

Maya (see YouTube link)  was the first channelled sketch that came through.

Thank you for your interest and if you have any questions please feel free to email me!
I wish you great JOY & PEACE on your journey!

Scanned and emailed and I will also post you the original unframed A4 (8"x10") sketch by normal post.

Please select the postage option which is appropriate for you at checkout and email me your questions to Michelle@IAmAndSoAreYou.com 


For Entertainment purposes only and you must be 18 years old to order a reading.  As I live in the UK, I am not permitted by UK Law to answer questions relating to specific health questions.  If you have concerns about your health you should go to see your Dr.  Readings should never be used to replace your Dr or professional legal advice.   

Readings are currently running several days turnaround time.  I do not work weekends as I have a family to care for.  You may email to check when your reading will be done prior to purchase at  Michelle@IAmAndSoAreYou.com  

Price  £ 80.00
Reading without sketch

Full Reading Without Sketch

I will use my natural Psychic Mediumship to bring deeper meanings and information to you from the spirit world.

Through working with our Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, Mentors - really all those available to us from The Hierarchy of Gods Highest Light - I can assist in answering questions you  might have  or you can allow for the best answer to come from Spirit for your hightest good.

delivered via e-mail usually within a couple of days.  I do not work weekends as I have a family to care for.

Please email your questions to Michelle@IAmAndSoAreYou.com

Being in the UK I have to add that this is for entertainment and does not replace any legal or medical advice you should be seeking.  I am not allowed by UK law to answer specific questions regarding your health.  If you are having health concerns you should go see your Dr.  

Any questions please email me -  michelle @ IAmAndSoAreYou . com  (omit all the spaces when you use the email address)

Price  £ 50.00
Mini Readings


Mini reading - just as it says on the tin.  I will use my gifts to answer 3 questions via email.  As I live in the UK I am not permitted, by English Law, to answer specific health questions.  You should visit  your Dr if you have concerns about your health.
Please email me your name, birthdate and questions to : 

please select the option for "via email" on the shipping section

For entertainment only - you must be over the age of 18 to order a reading.

Currently readings are running a few days turnaround time.  I do not work weekends as I have a family to care for.  You may want to email prior to purchasing to check on availability and turnaround time.   michelle@IAmAndSoAreYou.com 

Price  £ 25.00
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